Ashthalakshmi Temple is currently provides the following services inside and ouside the temple.

Dear Devotee,

This is the Pooja request/Pooja booking (after speaking to a priest) form. Please fill out the form and submit. You will get an e- mail or Phone call from the temple office with in a 72 hours. If the request is Submitted during Weekend or Holiday, you will get a reply in the following week.

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Priest Services

In Temple


Punyahavachanam $75 $201
Namkaram $75 $201
Annaprasana $75 $201
Kesa Khandana $75 $201
Cholam (ear piercing) $75 $201
Aksharaabhyasam $75 $201
Homams: Ganapathi, Lakshmi, Sudarshana,Narasimha, Ayushya, Gayatri, Navagraha, etc. $116 $251
Satyanarayana Vratham $116 $251
Gruhapravesham (Housewarming)


Seemantham $151


Shasti Poorthy $251


Upanayanam $351


Wedding $501


Nischithartham (Engagement) $201


Udakashanthi $151


Thidhi (Hiranyam) $75


Nakshatra, Navagraha Shanthi, etc. $116


Vahana Puja $31

If you need Other than these services please contact our Temple. E-mail:

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