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From 6.30 PM

Jai Srimannarayana!

Om Hum Hanumatha Namaha!

Dear Friends, as you all know, we have been having so many calamities this year not only here in US but also all across the world!  To stop the negative effect and for the betterment, peace, prosperity, well-being & happiness of the entire universe, we all want to join to chant Hanuman Chalesa together at Sri Ashtalakshmi Sameta Venkateswara Swamy Temple on November 18 at 6:30pm.  Maha prasadam will be served as Dinner. We need 108 or more people to chant together. Please RSVP.

May Sri Ashtalakshmi Sameta Venkateswara Swamy & Sri Sita Rama Lakshmana Sameta Hanuman Bless Us All!!

Lokaaha Samasthaaha Sukhenoo Bhavanthu!

Look who's coming: Bhavani, Padmavathi Devi, New Vagabond, JOHNCY BALAKANNAN, Aditya

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